So who is Mitch?

And, more importantly, can he help me?

Therapist for 30+ years

Early research on Emotional Intelligence
(actually won an award)
Educated/trained at Yale Department of Psychology,
Yale School of Medicine,
Yale School of Management.
State of Connecticut Quality Assurance Committee
(when the state changed from fee-for-service to manage care for the
Medicaid population – ask him how the sausage was made)
Taught at Purdue’s PhD program in Marriage and Family Therapy
Taught competitive strategy to executive coaches
Writes personal checks to help start disruptive tech startups - there is always a better way
Runs a consulting business that helps private equity firms
reduce their hold times for their midmarket distressed portfolio companies
Ran a global survey on leadership, culture and engagement
for an iconic ad agency in 40 countries, in 17 languages, and created and
debriefed country managers on 240 reports over 4 years
      (ask him what makes a good v. great manager)
Is a Christian – knows the JOY in the heart of the Father and His Son –
this perspective is available if you are interested
He and his family live in Greenwich.

So let’s get after this …

and improve our lives
by improving our relationships
in the easiest way possible

Let’s talk