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During the covid-19 outbreak Dr. Mitch is available to meet with college students and/or their families to help navigate through this together. No charge.
Just connect with him below. Learn more about Mitch here.

Men develop Relational Intelligence

Couples learn to love

One-on-One Counseling

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Dr. Mitch is always building simpler, easier ways to improve relationships, and when he’s testing something new, you get the tool and his time for free.

Tell a Story

You tell a story and debrief it with Mitch.
It aims to spotlight “points” in an interaction where you can make it come out better.

Who am I?

We are testing a questionnaire that focuses specifically on identifying “patterns” in relationships.

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Who is Mitch?

30+ years a therapist.

3x entrepreneur, funds startups, consultant, scientist,
trainer of therapists, data monkey, university professor.
Trained at Yale, Yale and Yale.

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